The 2018 TPH Banquet

If you could not be there, or you were there, and you wish your friend so and so would have been there, you can now share a bit of your experience through the banquet video. Many who attended the banquet noted that they would like to volunteer or partner with students. If you have not […]

Phase II – The Link

As the school year ends, construction begins. We are thrilled to have received the support we needed to continue the Growing Hope – Together campaign and address some additional needs at the Roosevelt Park Campus. We are not quite there yet! There is still a need of $1.4 million to finish retrofitting the church and […]

A Tradition of Prayer

There is a TPH tradition that the morning of the eighth-grade and twelfth-grade graduations, students are prayed over by family and staff. As students leave one space and enter another, our prayer is that God will continue to shield them, grant then strength for each new challenge, and graciously pour His love into them through the […]

Congratulations, Class of 2018

Oh, the stories, the struggles, the all-nighters, the tests, the extenuating circumstances, the personal trials. One-hundred percent of our seniors graduated this year, and the beautiful celebration that ensued last Thursday was every bit as fitting as the countless hurdles that were crossed for each of them to get there. Jesus has done awesome things through […]

Developing Student Culture

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” —John Maxwell Student culture at The Potter’s House is very intentional. At the end of every school year, seventh-graders board a bus and find themselves on a journey of discovery in the city of Chicago. The primary focus of the trip […]

Fruit in the Middle

Twenty-nine life-size trees are now being displayed in the Roosevelt Park Campus hallways! Please come and check them out. Middle school students, together with their mentors and discipleship peers, created the trees as a tribute to a year spent studying the fruit of the Spirit. On WEDNESDAY MAY 30, from 10:30 am -12:00 noon, the middle school students […]

If Volunteers Were Flowers

At TPH, things don’t just happen, and this morning at the high school we celebrated some of the people that make the extraordinary possible. Volunteers, thank you. Thank you for showing up, even when it rains. Thank you for serving year after year after year. Thank you for reading to students that need some extra attention, […]

Garvey Goes Global

How can children who are eight, nine, and ten learn to write meaningfully, become better public speakers, recognize differences and similarities between students their own age across the globe, and also demonstrate Christ’s love to students that may not have experienced that yet? One way that our teacher, Mr. Garvey, responds to that challenge is […]

Field Notes

Low 70’s and sunny skies bannered over our spectacular 2018 Field Day at Douglas Walker Park. Through cheers and sometimes a few tears, today was marked with an abundance of whimsical smiles and fantastic conversation. The long run, the soccer kick, the softball throw and more, they offered students a chance to challenge their skills, […]