Calvin College Streetfest 2018

Though the school was out of session today, progress was still being made on The Potter’s House Roosevelt Park campus. Construction continued on the link between the church and the school. Debris from the house demolition continued to get loaded, trucked out, and reloaded again.

By 11:30A, twenty-five Calvin College students joined us for their Calvin Streetfest. These students arrived by city bus and entered our school grounds with ambitious smiles and glad servant hearts. They painted parts of the gym, cleaned a janitor’s closet, picked up trash around the premises, planted mums, and cleaned the TPH chapel.

Before work began, they ate lunch with our Superintendent, John Booy, and while he was with them, he told them about the school. Some of the students had never heard of The Potter’s House, and for a few that had, they were introduced to TPH at a whole new level.

While cleaning the church stairs, freshman education student, Ally, spoke with wild excitement, “It is crazy how this used to be a kids club, and it turned into a whole school. I feel like when you start to learn about God through education and not just play…that’s when everything changes. I also think it’s really fair for a school to make tuition affordable because not everyone can afford the same price, but everyone deserves to have an education like this. When you start to make it fair for everyone, I feel like that is bringing Jesus here on earth. It’s what Jesus would do.

In the gym, four girls were painting and wiping down tables. One shared her astonishment at how quickly The Potter’s House had grown. She said, “I feel like the story of The Potter’s House shows that if there’s something that God wants, nothing can stop it. It’s just going to happen.” Another student, Libby, agreed. “The leap of faith to start this school surprised me. Everything they had, based on everything that they started with, was multiplied.”

While cleaning church pews, one student, named Jordan, shared, “I grew up in a really diverse school, so places like this are close to my heart.

We wholeheartedly agree, Jordan. There is something about being a part of a diverse community, in that once you have experienced it, you are never the same. It is truly living out God’s Kingdom here on earth.

If you would like to experience TPH like these Calvin students did today, please contact us to find out how you can take a tourvolunteer, partner with a student, or share your gifts in other ways. 616-241-5220 |