Apple Pie Making Day

The smell of freshly cut apples and cinnamon fill the entire high school, which is not normal for a Saturday morning.  Today is apple pie making day! 

Beginning at 7:30 this morning, an entire crew of volunteers has been preparing apple pies, from washing, coring, and peeling 70 bushels of apples, to assembling the pies and boxing them for delivery.  They plan to make 1500 pies as a school fundraiser for the student’s class trip, and receive up to $8 per pie sold. This is the 4th year of the apple pie making tradition, and they have acquired an exquisite assembly line method to achieve this goal.

Students and parents alike smile as music plays overhead, busily working as the boxes roll out of the doors into the hands of happy customers.  Thank you to everyone’s hard work for making today a success, and we hope you enjoy your delicious pies!