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The items listed below are necessary for creating a more robust learning environment. Please take a look at the items listed and consider getting involved in a significant way. Your partnership is what makes The Potter's House work. 

  • Music Program
  • Michigan Merit Curriculum
  • IXL Learning
  • Classroom Supplies
  • K-8 Reading Program
  • Bibles
  • High School Worship Room Chairs
  • Physical Education Equipment
  • Preschool Classroom
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If you would like to mail your donation, please mail it to the following address:

Advancement Office

810 Van Raalte Dr Sw

Grand Rapids, MI 49509


Carla Ackerman

Middle School Educational Specialist

Christian Altena

High School Social Studies Teacher

Heather Altena

High School English Teacher

Angela Bailard

High School Registrar | Guidance Office Secretary

James Bailard

High School Science Teacher

Mandy Baker

Grades K-1 Academic Interventionist

Randy Basinger

K-8 Teacher P.E. | Wednesday Program Director

Cheri Beals

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

Shawn Beene

Technology Specialist

Karen Bobo

Partner Program Coordinator

Jayne Boerman

Grades 2/3 Teacher

Beth Boonstra

EL Math Teacher | Academic Interventionist

John Booy


Alison Bremer

High School Art Teacher

Brad Cain

Fine Arts Director

Charisse Carrillo

Food Service Coordinator

Bob Cegelis


Samantha Clark

Preschool Teacher

Alf Clark

High School Principal

Phil Cole

High School Teacher Bible | Spanish

Marissa Davies

Grades 4-8 Secretary

Diane DeBruin

Grades PreK-1 Education Specialist

Jill DeJager

Transportation Supervisor

Kathy DeJong

Wonder Academy Director, Teacher

Jill DenBraber

Grades 6/7 Teacher Language Arts

Curtis DePree

International Program Coordinator

April Deur

PK-8 Dean

Gabriela DeWeerd

Grade 1 Teacher

Tim DeYoung

Gospel Choir Director

Neomi Escabi-Johnson

Morning Program Coordinator

Terry Faber

Technology Director

Tricia Figueroa

Middle School Title 1 | Robotics Coach

Donna Fisher

High School Teacher English Language Learners

Noelle Gable

High School Administrative Assistant

Sandy Gardner

Personnel/Payroll and Accounts Receivable Manager

Mike Garvey

Grades 4/5 Teacher

Ronda Gauger

K-8 Teacher Title 1 | English Language Learners

Annika Gilkes

Advancement Assistant | Database Coordinator

Jill Glanz

Grades K-8 Art Teacher

Linda Gordon

Volunteer Coordinator

Andrea Green

MS Language Arts | Social Studies Teacher

Molly Guzniczak

K/1 Paraprofessional

Stacey Harmon

High School Math Teacher

Emily Harrison

High School Paraprofessional

Kara Haskill

Athletic Director

Randy Helm

Director of Finance

Colleen Hill

High School Guidance Counselor

Amanda Hinken

Grades 4/5 Teacher

Micah Hoeksema

High School Teacher Math | Language Arts

Luanne Hoekzema

Middle School Academic Interventionist

Sam Hofman

MS Bible | Math Teacher

Aubree Hofman

Middle School Dean of Students

Jake Hoogstrate

Middle School Principal

Alicia Hyma

Grades K-8 Title 1 Teacher

Ann Isaacson

Grades 6-12 Band Director

Maria Johnson

Elementary Paraprofessional | 4/5 Discipleship

David Kong

Wonder Academy Teacher | Grades 6/7 Science

Mali Korc

EL Paraprofessional | Instructional Aide

Christina Kortman

Preschool Paraprofessional

Kristopher Koster

High School Bible Teacher

Kevin Kuipers

High School Assistant Principal

Elizabeth Kusserow

EL/MS English Language Learners Teacher

Sarah Lang

High School | Grades 2-8 Art Teacher

Rebekah LaPlaca

Grades 2/3 Teacher

Joy Larson

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Melissa Leaman

Grades 4/5 Teacher

Syun Hyung Lee

Preschool Paraprofessional

Nanette Leegwater

High School English Language Learners Teacher

Victor Lynde

Grade 8 Teacher Language Arts | Social Studies

Laura Madrigal

High School Receptionist | Secretary

Joanna Mangione

High School Educational Specialist

Becky Ophoff

High School English | English Language Learner Teacher

Elizabeth Pennington

High School Spanish Teacher

Maria-Elena Pimentel

Pre-Kindergarten Paraprofessional

Mark Ponstine

Elementary | Middle School Principal

Evan Post

Middle School Discipleship | Substitute Teacher

Cheryl Prindle

Grades K-8 Teacher English Language Learners

Carla Rich

Enrollment | Student Management Systems Coordinator

Brenda Riegler

Grades K/1 Teacher

Janorisé Robinson

Director of Teaching and Learning

Christina Rodriguez

Elementary Secretary | Receptionist

Marcie Rower

Admissions Director

Azalia Sanchez

Administrative Assistant

Betsy Scott

High School English Teacher

Brent Seinen

Grades K-7 Science Teacher

Clae Sensenig

JV Girls BBall

Sara Sisco

High School Teacher English | Civics

Jeanne Smith

Grades 2-5 Education Specialist

Lucero Solis

High School Student Life Coordinator | Science Teacher

Jackie Spreitzer

Grades K-8 Computer Teacher

Lynn Stob

High School Math Teacher

Deanna Stout

High School Guidance Counselor

Lisa Struck-VanderHaak

Grades K-3 Paraprofessional | Instructional Aid

Tim Swiney

Director of Major Gifts and Capital Campaign

Ann Talen

Advancement Assistant

Rosie Taylor

Kindergarten Teacher

Shelby Toth

Grades 2/3 Teacher

Robert Trice

High School Bible Teacher

Tony Troeger

Grades 6/7 Teacher Math | Bible

Jenna Van Oyen

High School Band Director

Mark Van Zanten

Founding Teacher

Sarah Veenstra

Grades K-8 Spanish Teacher

Anna Veldman

High School Teacher English | Social Studies

Jayne Ver Beek

Grades 4-8 Secretary

Keith Ver Beek

High School Science Teacher

Gabby Visser

Grade Young Fives Teacher

Beth Williams

K-8 Music Teacher

Michele Williamson

High School Math Teacher