“How Has the Potter’s House Impacted My Family?”

Parent: Alma Obande
Students: Antonio Graduating Class of 2017
Ashlyn 11th grade (Senior 2020-2021)
Aniya 9th grade (Sophomore 2020-2021)
Saraye 5th grade (6th grade 2020-2021)
Benicio Young 3’s (PreK 2020-2021)

My family’s journey with The Potter’s House School started back in 2000 when I worked for a wonderful company called Butterball Farms. During that time, the owner of the company allowed his employees to volunteer during work hours to serve the students and staff at The Potter’s House in any capacity. I took advantage of this wonderful opportunity and started by teaching Junior Achievement to the elementary students, then reading bi-lingual books to kindergarteners, then my favorite assignment, helping with Track and Field Day.

The very moment I stepped into The Potter’s House building, I was embraced and overwhelmed by their strong and loving community, the staff’s desire to share their love for Christ and the outstanding academic curriculum and support students received. I knew this was exactly where I wanted my son Antonio (he was 1 year old at the time) to attend school.

I continued to volunteer at TPH, and when Antonio was ready to start preschool, I submitted an application. After two years of being on the waiting list, we received the call that Antonio would be able to start school in the fall of 2005. We were overcome by joy and excited to start our journey with The Potter’s House. I will admit, I was nervous. You see, during that time, I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ, I didn’t belong to a church and I didn’t even know how to read the Bible. But what I lacked in these areas, I wanted my children to have, and so my prayer was for them to know and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. My secret hope was that I would learn from them and gain these for myself as well.

My prayers were answered. My children flourished in their faith. In addition, God sent me a wonderful man who introduced me to Madison Square Church. I didn’t think marriage was in my future but clearly God knew. My husband, Attah, is a strong Christian leader. We have placed Christ at the center of our marriage and as the foundation of our family.

Throughout the years, The Potter’s House has provided my children with a safe learning environment, strong academic support, trusting relationships with staff that go beyond academics, lifelong friendships, and has helped develop and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. My children will bring more love and gratitude into our world because of their blessed experience at The Potter’s House.

Fast forward 20 years later and my journey with TPH continues. My oldest son, Antonio, graduated from The Potter’s House High School, Class of 2017. My daughters, Ashlyn and Aniya, completed Junior and Freshman high school years. My daughter Saraye completed 5th grade and will enter middle school and my son Benicio finished the preschool program and entered pre kindergarten this fall.

All this would not be possible without the rich relationships built over the years with The Potter’s House staff, families, volunteers and community. And it especially wouldn’t be possible without The Potter’s House’s mission to provide a Christ-centered education to families of all walks of life, no matter their income. The financial support my family has received through scholarships has made it possible for my children to receive the excellent education and experience TPH provides.

I am thankful to God for blessing my family with The Potter’s House, and my prayer is that many more families will be able to experience the same love, support and encouragement as we have. I look forward to the continued journey with The Potter’s House.