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  • Parents range from missionaries and doctors to business owners and refugees
  • 48% of our families' incomes are at or below the Michigan poverty line
  • The student population represents more than 34 countries of birth-origin
  • Over 48% of our students are people of color
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Thank you for your interest in being a part of the family at The Potter’s House School.

The Potter’s House is an urban, Christ-centered school in the Roosevelt Park and Wyoming neighborhoods. Our goal is for you to find the admission process an easy and enjoyable journey. We strive to find families that fit our mission and feel that God is calling them to send their children to our school.

As stated in our mission, we seek to provide a Christ-centered education for students from all ethnic heritages and income levels, which means that we are not a first-come, first-serve school. Historically, the founders of The Potter’s House established the school in 1981 in order to give families in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood a Christ-centered choice in education.

Even though we still give preference to families geographically located close to The Potter’s House campuses, we have a strong belief that whom you learn with matters. Thus, we have a strong desire to enroll students who come from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and income levels because this is the best training for living in the Kingdom of God and the best training for the workplace.

The Potter’s House seeks to reflect the Kingdom of God as depicted in scripture as the great multitude with people from every nation, tribe, and tongue worshiping the Lord, our God.


Key Offerings

High Academic Standards

Christ-centered Worldview

Spiritual Formation

Diverse Community

Character Development

Engaged Learning

Peaceful Atmosphere


College Prep, Dual Enrollment, AP Classes

Equipping Students at Every Age

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