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The Potter's House emphasizes principles of discipleship, stewardship, and decision-making in a Christ-centered atmosphere. Class sizes are small. Families are involved. Lives are being changed.

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Anna Veldman

Anna moved to the U.S. from India, and has been teaching at the Potter's House High School since 2001. She has a Ph.D. in English and originally planned to teach at the college level. But, through various circumstances God led her to The Potter's House, and she felt called to be a part of the ministry here. The faith on which the school was founded and it's strong focus on equipping students to be radical followers of Jesus Christ resonated with her faith and passion. Over the years, she has taught World Literature, Psychology, A.P. Literature and Senior Project among other subjects. She also worked on developing the Asian Studies curriculum.

Statement of Faith

We believe in the Triune God: God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Bible, God’s Word, is infallible, reliable, and applicable to today’s person, adult or child. The Bible is also a gift to use and to cherish. 

We believe that each child is created in the image of God. The image is not restricted to any race, sex, or income level. The image of God gives each child an enormous, unique potential. Each child is a whole child possessing unique intellectual, creative, decisional, and emotional dimensions. The major goal of education is to bring each child into his or her full potential in conformance with the image of God. 

We believe that the world was perfect at creation, but sin intervened, severing all people’s perfect relationship with God and bringing consequences on every object and institution within the creation. God, in His love, provided Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for sin and restore each person to full favor with God. God freely calls people to accept the gift of salvation. God also requires that individuals and social groups follow in obedience to His word. He requires people to work to restore creation and overcome the consequences of sin both in the natural world and in society.

Professional / Teaching Careers

The Potter’s House is an innovative, urban, Christ-centered school with a 43-year history of providing Christ-centered education for children of all ethnic heritages and income levels. Applicants who feel their qualifications and interests fit with the mission and vision of The Potter's House are encouraged to submit their resume.

2024-2025 School Year Openings

The Potter's House / GRPS Shared Time

  • High School Spanish Teacher | Application/Job Description
  • High School Band Teacher (one section daily) | Application/Job Description
  • Young 5 – 8th Grade Art Teacher (Part Time) | Application/Job Description
  • Young 5 – 5th Grade Music Teacher (Part Time) | Application/Job Description

The Potter's House / Jackson PS Shared Time

To apply, please send your letter of interest, resume, and completed application to: The Potter’s House; Attn: Janorisé Robinson; 810 VanRaalte Dr SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49509; or email


  • IT Assistant | Job Description
  • Food Service | Job Description
  • Bus Drivers | Job Description
  • Substitute Teachers | Needed for all grades! We email or call/text subs as needed and payment is processed through the school payroll system.

To apply, please send your application to: The Potter’s House; Attn: Sandy Gardner; 810 VanRaalte Dr SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49509; or email noting the position in the subject line to

Athletic Careers

Coaching at The Potter's House is a rewarding, multi-faceted opportunity for individuals looking to make a difference in the lives of student-athletes.