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When choosing a Christ-centered school, you should prayerfully consider The Potter’s House as your school of choice because you feel God is calling you and your family to the school and its mission: To provide a Christ-centered education to children from all ethnic heritages and income levels, equipping them to serve God and society to their fullest potential.

Even though a private school education is costly, the goal of The Potter's House is for any family that desires a Christ-centered education to have access regardless of income level.

If you’d like information about financial aid, please fill out the inquiry page here.

Tuition Schedule for the
2024–2025 School Year

Tuition Cost per Child:

Preschool/Pre-K 2 mornings $1,250.00
Preschool/Pre-K 3 mornings $1,900.00
Preschool/Pre-K 5 mornings $3,200.00
Preschool/Pre-K 2 full days $2,500.00
Preschool/Pre-K 3 full days $3,800.00
Preschool/Pre-K 5 full days $6,300.00
Young-5 or Kindergarten 3 full days $5,600.00
Young-5 through 5th Grade 5 full days $8,600.00
Middle School $8,600.00
High School $10,500.00

Activity Fee per Child:

Includes student accident insurance coverage.

Preschool through 1st Grade $21.00
Grades 2nd and 3rd $61.00
Grades 4th and 5th $71.00
Grades 6th through 8th $71.00
High School $101.00 Activity Fee & Insurance, $50 Textbooks, $60.00 Technology Fee $211.00
sponsor a child

A Unique Community of Learners

We believe that who people learn with matters. So we prioritize enrolling students from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds and income levels, building for them a community in which diversity is the norm and everyone is accepted. This allows students not only to be equipped for the workplace with more cultural awareness but, more importantly, for the Kingdom of God with a deeper understanding of the beauty of God’s creation.

To fulfill this vision, almost 2000 school community members give generously and sacrificially to The Potter’s House so that we can offer financial aid to approximately 90% of our families. Ultimately, we are interested in families from all income levels, but we also desire families who are invested in the education of their children, which means every family pays some level of tuition, the minimum being $725.

Recognizing that all people have gifts to offer within a community, we do ask every family to give 25 hours of service to the school no matter the income level of the family. The parent hours can be fulfilled in several ways, such as helping in the teacher’s classroom, driving on field trips, cleaning the school, coaching a sports team, conducting research, etc. We work very flexibly with families who work during the day.

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