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The Potter's House
Middle School

Our Middle School seeks to develop students with our student profile in mind. The program for middle school students is centered around rigorous academics, genuine community, and the growth of Christ-like character.

Our Vision

Gospel-centered Apprentices of Jesus

We seek to nurture our middle school students to be followers of Christ, growing in their faith and character as they learn to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did. We hope to engage our students fully in the Gospel story, to center their learning and identity in its truths. 

Our students will:  

  • Articulate the connection between their faith and their learning
  • Affirm their identity in Christ
  • Practice spiritual disciplines and rhythms
  • Memorize Scripture
  • Meet in small groups with community leaders 

 Experiences & Opportunities: 

  • Daily devotions in homerooms
  • Faith integration in all subject areas
  • Discipleship Program every Wednesday
  • Intentional Bible curriculum
  • Whole school chapel every Monday
  • Character development every Friday

Servant-Hearted Community-builders

We celebrate the diversity of our community, learning and growing together with students of all ethnicities, income levels, and family situations. We also recognize that building a thriving community where everyone belongs and feels welcomed takes work and effort towards hospitality. 

Our students will: 

  • Take perspectives of others with empathy
  • Value diversity with gratitude
  • Actively listen to others 
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Stand for those in need
  • Practice emotional management skills

 Experiences & Opportunities: 

  • Second Step curriculum 
  • Partnership with younger buddies
  • Conflict resolution conversations/coaching
  • Community/Neighborhood engagement

Culturally-Engaged Leaders of Today

We seek to engage our students in their learning of God’s creation and our current world as reflective leaders. We intend to have our students build their leadership through knowledge and character, finding deep meaning in everything they learn and participate in. 

Our students will: 

  • Communicate clearly and honestly
  • Find innovative ways to solve problems and meet needs around them and the world
  • Take initiative to pursue personal and community interests
  • Use technology appropriately and skillfully

 Experiences & Opportunities: 

  • Current events
  • 1-to-1 chromebook use
  • Service projects
  • Presentations/Showcases of different scales
  • Middle School Student Council

Our Results

Reflective Learning

We seek to nurture middle school students who are “reflective learners.” Our academic program is intentionally and rigorously designed to provide students opportunities to authentically engage the world and culture around them, reflect on their experiences and learning, and practice communication skills.


We seek to create an environment of hospitality where everyone has the awareness and responsibility of being a valued member of the whole. We celebrate students of all ethnicities, income levels, and family situations in each classroom, learning and growing together in diversity. Our students will grow in empathy and perspective-taking, heart to cherish the value of diversity, and develop habits of welcoming and belonging.

Character Growth & Faith Formation

Above all, we seek to develop resilient followers of Christ. We encourage middle school students to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did. Our day includes Bible class, discipleship time, regular devotions, and faith integration into all subject areas, ultimately, intending to show our students that all of life is worship, including our academic questions, discussions, presentations, and group work.

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Admissions Director

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