The 2018 TPH Banquet

If you could not be there, or you were there, and you wish your friend so and so would have been there, you can now share a bit of your experience through the banquet video. Many who attended the banquet noted that they would like to volunteer or partner with students. If you have not […]

Garvey Goes Global

How can children who are eight, nine, and ten learn to write meaningfully, become better public speakers, recognize differences and similarities between students their own age across the globe, and also demonstrate Christ’s love to students that may not have experienced that yet? One way that our teacher, Mr. Garvey, responds to that challenge is […]

Field Notes

Low 70’s and sunny skies bannered over our spectacular 2018 Field Day at Douglas Walker Park. Through cheers and sometimes a few tears, today was marked with an abundance of whimsical smiles and fantastic conversation. The long run, the soccer kick, the softball throw and more, they offered students a chance to challenge their skills, […]