Alumni Update: Kelsi Jones (‘10)

Kelsi was home-schooled before coming to The Potter’s House (TPH) in fifth grade. She was not looking forward to “real school” because the thought conjured up images of mean kids and cool kids. On that first day of school Kelsi’s fears vanished when she saw someone she knew. That was the first of many connections […]

Striving and Serving: Tanner’s Story

I grew up in a household of three: mom, brother and me. My dad wasn’t really around. My brother is in a wheelchair, so at an early age I had to step up and become the man of the house. In 3rd grade, my elementary school actually closed down, so I had to switch to […]

Alumni Update: Rocio Velasquez-Morales (’14)

This post is adapted from an interview with Rocio Velasquez-Morales (’14).  I came to The Potter House against my will in 2010. At first, I wasn’t excited to come to a Christian school. I had always attended public schools since Kindergarten and I was used to that environment. However, my parents wanted a better future […]