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Elementary School

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Addressing the Needs of the Whole Child

Spiritual Development

We help to develop a student's spiritual development by utilizing a discipleship program, through prayer, through times of worship, and by weaving classic character principles throughout the curriculum and class time.

Discipleship—Training disciples of Jesus equipped to grow in their faith and impact their community.

Prayer—Students spend time in prayer in many settings and through many different styles. Time in prayer is more than a learning experience—it becomes a time of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication on behalf of classmates and the community at large.

Worship—Diverse worship styles can be seen daily in the classroom and several times weekly during Family Worship (chapel) as students gather to praise God and learn from His word.

Character development—teachers intentionally weave classic character principles throughout curriculum and class time in order to help students live out biblical principles on a daily basis.

School Culture

Elementary Curriculum


Faculty & Staff

Eve Andrus

K-8 Music

Randy Basinger

K-8 P.E.

Jayne Boerman

Grades 2/3

John Booy


Lisa Brearley

K-8 English Language Learners

Nancy Brusseau

Library Coordinator

Linsey Buteyn

Grade 1

Aubree Cantrall

Grades 4/5

Charisse Carrillo

Food Service Coordinator

Bob Cegelis


Phyllis Cegelis

Transportation Coordinator

Hazel Cox

Reading Recovery

Diane DeBruin

Young-5 & Kindergarten Support

Kathy DeJong

Reading Specialist

Lori DeVries

Grades 2/3

Lois Ege

K-8 Art

Bill Fisher

Grade 5 Music

Mike Garvey

Grades 2/3

Ronda Gauger

K-8 Title 1 Wyoming/Kentwood District

Ron Hamil

K-8 Computers

Adelita Hernandez

PK & Kindergarten Paraprofessional

Maria Johnson

4/5 Discipleship Coordinator

Joy Larson


Sherry Leyendecker

Elementary Academic Support

Susan Lucasse

K-8 Title 1 GRPS District

Mark Ponstine

PK-8 Principal

Amber Ritsema


Sharon Ritter

Grades 2/3

Christina Rodriguez


Marilyn Scott

Grades 1-5

Brent Seinen

Grades K-5 Math | Science

Jeanne Smith

Grades 4/5

Mark Van Zanten

Grades 4/5

Brenda Vander Ark

Grades K/1