810 Van Raalte SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49509
Middle School: 616-241-5913
Admissions: 616-818-3740

Middle School

Middle School students will learn:

  • Academically, to read and write and learn math and science, and much more.
  • Socially, they will learn as a classroom community and grow in relationships with teachers and students.
  • Spiritually, they will have an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your Lord and learn and experience what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and to SERVE our King.

To see our ethos in action, please schedule a visit to the Roosevelt Park Campus. Kent Ezell | | 616 818-3740

8th Grade trip to DC, 2019
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Faculty & Staff

Carla Ackerman

Resource Specialist

Vanessa Allen

Gospel Choir Director

Randy Basinger

K-8 P.E.

Shawn Beene

Remote Learning Coordinator

Karen Bobo

Office Assistant

John Booy


Eunsub Cho

Wonder Academy Teacher | Assistant Principal, Middle School

Miles Colago

Assistant Superintendent

Kathy DeJong

Wonder Academy Teacher | Reading Specialist

Jill DenBraber

Grades 6/7 English Language Arts

Peyton DeRuiter

Grades 6/7 Language Arts | Social Studies

Lois Ege

K-8 Art

Kent Ezell

Director of Admissions | Advancement Officer

Terry Faber

Technology Director

Tricia Figueroa

Grades 3-5 Math Teacher | Middle School Title 1

Sandy Gardner

Business Manager

Ronda Gauger

K-8 Title 1 | English Language Learners

Ron Hamil

K-8 Computers

Kara Haskill

Athletic Director

Randy Helm

Director of Finance

Luanne Hoekzema

Education Interventionist

Aubree Hofman

Middle School Dean of Students

Ann Isaacson

Middle School Band Director

David Kong

Grades 6th-8th Science

Timothy Lee

Grade 8 Bible | Grades 6-8 Math

Elizabeth Lopez

Business Office Assistant | Enrollment Coordinator

Victor Lynde

Grade 8 Language Arts | Social Studies

Mark Ponstine

Elementary / Middle School Principal

Cheryl Prindle

Grades K-8 ELL Teacher

Brent Seinen

Grades K-8 Science

Tony Troeger

Grades 6/7 Math | Bible

Sarah Veenstra

Grades K-8 Spanish

Beth Williams

K-8 Music