810 Van Raalte SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49509
Middle School: 616-241-5913
Admissions: 616-818-3740

Middle School

Middle School students will learn:

  • Academically, to read and write and learn math and science, and much more.
  • Socially, they will learn as a classroom community and grow in relationships with teachers and students.
  • Spiritually, they will have an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your Lord and learn and experience what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and to SERVE our King.

To see our ethos in action, please schedule a visit to the Roosevelt Park Campus. Kent Ezell | | 616 818-3740

8th Grade trip to DC, 2019
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Faculty & Staff

Carla Ackerman

Resource Specialist

Randy Basinger

K-8 P.E.

Shawn Beene

Remote Learning Coordinator

Karen Bobo

Office Assistant

John Booy


Lisa Brearley

K-8 English Language Learners

Eunsub Cho

Wonder Academy Teacher | Science

Miles Colago

Assistant Superintendent

Michael Colago

Middle School Dean of Students | Grades 6/7 Math

Kathy DeJong

Wonder Academy Teacher | Reading Specialist

Jill DenBraber

Grades 6/7 English Language Arts

Lois Ege

K-8 Art

Kent Ezell

Director of Admissions | Advancement Officer

Terry Faber

Technology Director

Tricia Figueroa

Grades 3-5 Math Teacher | Middle School Title 1

Sandy Gardner

Business Manager

Ronda Gauger

K-8 Title 1 | English Language Learners

Ian Grell

Grade 8 English Language Arts | Social Studies

Ron Hamil

K-8 Computers

Kara Haskill

Athletic Director

Aubree Hofman

Middle School Dean of Students | Grades 6/7 Bible

Kathy Kuzee


Timothy Lee

Grade 8 Bible | Grades 6-8 Math

Elizabeth Lopez

Business Office Assistant | Enrollment Coordinator

Emmanuel Phillips

Choir Director

Mark Ponstine

Elementary / Middle School Principal

Brent Seinen

Grades K-8 Science

Amy Stoner

Office Assistant

Rocio Velasquez

Grades 6/7 English Language Arts | Social Studies

Kara Waalkes

Academic Interventionist

Beth Williams

K-8 Music