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 Phase I: High school | Phase 2: Roosevelt Park Campus (elementary/middle school and church)


Much has been accomplished through the Growing Hope - Together campaign. A tour through the high school tells the story of a brighter and more beautiful learning space that continues to raise the spirits and aspirations of our students and staff. The vision is to renovate and expand the Roosevelt Park Campus to inspire our youngest students, and to provide room for the over 200 students that are hoping to join The Potter's House family.  Thank you to all who have made contributions towards the vision.

CHALLENGE: 200+ students on the waiting list

VISION: Additional 12 students at each grade level (PK-8) = 120 students
Up to an additional 200 high school students
NEW three-year-old early childhood class (begins Fall 2018)

Phase II – Roosevelt Park Campus


The focus is on the current elementary/middle school at the Roosevelt Park Campus, and includes:

  • Restructured, safer entrances
  • Enhanced security system
  • Bathroom renovations and upgrades
  • Linking the school and the church
  • New HVAC system and lighting
  • Technology upgrades
  • Roof repairs
  • Cosmetic improvements
  • Making the church an educationally viable space
  • Additional classrooms in both buildings, including the addition of a 3yr old early childhood class
  • Parking Lot addition and upgrades
  • Additional operating costs

Support Raised to date

Over $10 million, of the $14 million needed, has already been gifted towards the Growing Hope - Together campaign. The high school has now been expanded and renovated and the final support needed will secure, expand and renovate the Roosevelt Park Campus.

$2.5 million $5 million $7.5 million $10 million $14 million

I would like to support the campaign

Phase I – High School - COMPLETED

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