2021 Senior Spotlight: Sam Kortman

My name is Sam. I was born in Guatemala. My birth mom was not financially able to care for me, so when I was about seven months old, I was adopted by my American family. A few years later, as they were looking for a good Christ-centered school that was diverse and could fit my […]

“How Has the Potter’s House Impacted My Family?”

Parent: Alma Obande Students: Antonio Graduating Class of 2017 Ashlyn 11th grade (Senior 2020-2021) Aniya 9th grade (Sophomore 2020-2021) Saraye 5th grade (6th grade 2020-2021) Benicio Young 3’s (PreK 2020-2021) My family’s journey with The Potter’s House School started back in 2000 when I worked for a wonderful company called Butterball Farms. During that time, […]

TPH COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

August 3, 2020   Dear Potter’s House Family,   Since 1981, The Potter’s House has remained focused on fulfilling its mission: to provide a Christ-centered education for children of all ethnic heritages and income levels, equipping them to serve God and society to their fullest potential. The group that founded the school made a commitment […]

Senior Spotlight: Massan Yawa Jasmine Akolly

I am from Togo, a country in West Africa. I started school at a very young age. The school system in Togo was not favorable toward girls, and teachers felt that girls were just wasting their parents’ money and time. By being a girl and the youngest student in my classes, I felt alone. For […]

Senior Spotlight: Asmita Tamang

I grew up in Nepal with my brother, sister, mom and dad. When I was very young, my dad left us. I don’t remember much of what happened after that, except that we moved from place to place. Eventually, we connected with a church in Nepal that provided food, safety and shelter. We stayed there […]

Senior Spotlight: Bethlehem Shekanena

My parents are immigrants from the Democratic Republic of Congo. We lived in Colorado before moving to Michigan in 2008. I came to The Potter’s House (TPH) in 3rd grade. It’s a smaller school than my previous schools and you get to know each other better. The sense of community and student life is awesome. […]

Senior Spotlight: Kerby Sturdivant

My brother Terrance was on The Potter’s House (TPH) waiting list for a year. Things were not going well at the middle school he was attending, so he prayed hard to be accepted at TPH. We were at a restaurant when the phone call came. He was accepted, and he was excited!  Then it was […]

Senior Spotlight: Cameron Gardner

I first came to The Potter’s House in preschool, but after that, I attended a lot of schools in different places. I went to a Christian school in Oklahoma for 2nd and 3rd grade, but my family started having some financial troubles, so we moved back to Michigan and lived briefly with my step-grandparents in […]

Senior Spotlight: Giselle Padilla-Esquivel

Giselle and her twin sister, Ailyn, grew up at The Potter’s House (TPH). Living in the Roosevelt Park Community, their family was already familiar with the school and felt that it would be a good fit for the twins. The newly enrolled preschoolers did not speak English, but TPH provided time and resources for them […]

Running the Race Set Before Them: The Remarkable First Season of The Potter’s House Cross Country Team

On a mid-October afternoon last year, Luke, a senior runner on The Potter’s House cross country team, kicked his feet through several inches of mud, straining his eyes to see through a driving rain. The torrential rainstorm wasn’t the only adversity the team faced at the Alliance League Championship meet in Holland. Caleb, the star […]